I’ve been through this twice.

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I’ve been through this twice. First, put the crate in the room with you so that your puppy knows that y’all are nearby. I would also invest in something like a ticking clock or something that can emulate the sound of her mother’s heart beat. I got that piece of advice from someone who bred and trained dogs for years. I did that with my first pit and it really helped. I had to use zip ties to suspend it from the side of the crate to prevent her from eating it but it did the trick.
Second, you might want to look into a SnugglePuppy (Amazon.com) . It’s a stuffed puppy designed for dogs and puppies.It has a special sack on the inside where you can put a heating pad (like one of those instant warmers) and a little heart-beat ticker. The puppy can lay with it and it can remind the puppy of being with his/her mom and siblings. I bought one of those with the first puppy and she loved it. She laid with it every night and never seemed to want to tear it up…. until about a year later when she didn’t need it anymore.

Be patient! It takes time to get adjusted but I promise it will work. I have 2 pits (one adult and a puppy) and both have experienced what your puppy is going through. My puppy splits time between the bed and the crate and he no longer whines or barks because he knows that I’m nearby and that he isn’t being punished.

Good luck!