It’s funny that all the pits


It’s funny that all the pits I know are big babies, afraid of inanimate objects, and whatever. Mine has a new one to add, on our walk 2 days ago, Lillie spied a hole that was there from a 4×4 sign post that was removed, and not refilled. Not only did she nearly jump out of her skin, but then tried her hardest to jump into my arms. After her heart attack stopped, she walked back to the hole very slowly, with all the hair on her back standing straight up, and carefully started to sniff the hole. Just when she thought she was safe, a bug hopped by the hole, and as the hole tried to swallow her head whole, she jumped out of her skin again, but the killer bug was still lurking, so naturally, she saw that the only way to escape from the killer hole, and it’s accomplis the bug, was to do a running backflip, turn on the afterburners, and run home at mach 5, dragging me the whole way! I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t breathe! Where’s the camera when you need it?