It sucks. We all know it and

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It sucks. We all know it and we have all been victim of people and their ignorance. However, the more we react to their thoughts and actions in positive ways, the more fans Pit Bulls and other breeds will gain. I bring my dog to work and he chills behind the counter will a ten pound maltese and a cat. I love that so many people think he is adorable and it’s even better that people can see him interact and behave in public.

I have had my moment of weakness and reacted when someone said something to me about my dog. Some sketchy lady on the street yelled at me because my dog was only ten feet away from her. I yelled back and she just continued until I was out of hearing. From then on, I decided that the best reaction to someone like that is to just pretend they don’t exist. THE PIT WILL PROVE HIMSELF!