It sounds like our dogs are


It sounds like our dogs are alike! 🙂 lol, mine was also abused when young and almost died from starvation when she was brought to the shelter here.She does not do well with negative corrections or discipline, but learns very fast with positive training and treats. The first couple days we had her she got into some shoes and “bad girl” slipped out of my mouth, just the words alone made her cower up and hide for a bit, poor girl. She is so good with my two kids, I have a 4 and 5 yr old and shes following them around wanting to play and hasn’t nipped or gotten rough with them at all since we’ve had her. She has picked up on things pretty quickly around the house like staying out of the kids room etc. Walking is still abit of a challenge, she can also be very stubborn! lol. She is good with my two cats, though my cats are quiet the same back. hehe She’s been great with other dogs as well. The only “issue” we’ve had with her is that she will dig in the yard if she gets bored, and her digging still amazes me, she can dig a hole that her body can fit in with in minutes. She’s got webbed toes and boy can they throw dirt around! Other then that she’s such an amazing dog! Thanks for the info on your dog! 🙂