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It makes no matter what breed it is…a pitbull or a chihuahua…everybody should do research before getting a dog. The only bad thing about doing “research” for a pit, is that a lot of the “findings” out there are one sided…supposedly they are all such terrible, brutal dogs. In most scenarios, research has shown that dog bite victims almost always say it was a pit that attacked them without knowing for sure. I have to agree with Armywife on this one. I know the “look.” I know when to remove Murphy from a situation, I get the same look from my dog, Sasha (chow-sharpei mix.) I rescued Murphy last february who was thrown from a car. He was abused, malnourished, and very afraid of new people. He has turned into the most loyal companion…which proves how this breed of dog can bounce back from such a terrible experience. He is smart, he knows silent hand commands. He LOVES children, and other dogs. Every vet or trainer I have ever talked to about the breed has told me that they are wonderful dogs….BigRed, I would think you would know that. I take my dogs EVERYWHERE with me…Holidays, fairs, camping, parties, dog parks…never ONCE have I had an issue with him being aggressive. The one time I tried putting him in a fenced in back yard at a party, he put his paws through the fence and acted as though he was stuck, whimpering and crying. When we opened the gate to free him, he pulled his paws out and ran into the area where all the people were, and layed down…content. He just wanted to be included in the activities. Sounds like SOMEBODY needs to do some research, and quit buying into all of the one sided findings out there.