It is a Pitbull they have a

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It is a Pitbull they have a high prey drive. Some obedience training may help you curb this, but don’t beleive some of what you hear about this breed they are what they are. Dog agression is part of what a pitbull is alot of people who get into these dogs don’t beleive it can happen to them but at the age of 2-3 a pitbull starts to fully mature. Some dogs do great there whole life with other dogs “supervised” of course. Then you have dogs and I don’t care what people say that no matter how much you try to train them will always be dog aggressive but that dosen’t make them bad dogs. Do people get mad at coon hounds for wanting to go after raccoons or beagles that want to chase rabbbits? They were bred for this for hundreds of years…That is part of being a responsible pitbull owner it is not a dog it is a life style….Some dogs are BORN this way it all deals with the dogs genetics. hope this helps goodluck Matt