It depends on the individual


It depends on the individual dogs personality. My pit cross fit perfectly fine in with three cats, two birds and a variety of rodents. One of the cats walked right up to her and smacked her in the face the first day she was here. They ended up best friends. One of them still attacks her on a regular basis, and though there’s been a few incidents where the dog has gone after the cat, it’s super easy to break her focus.

If I were you I’d look for a dog that hasn’t shown much prey drive. As with any terrier, you have to watch for their drive when they’re going to be around small animals. I also recommend always crating when you’re not around; but that’s something I recommend for any breed after several incidences of my past dogs killing cats (none of them were pits or even terrier crosses).

It’s good that you’re looking for an older dog; that way their personality will have already developed and there won’t be many surprises.