It depends on the dog food. 

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It depends on the dog food.  Look at the ingredients.  If it says “corn meal” or any other type of byproduct, it’s mostly filler and she may need more to get the proper amount of nutrition for a growing dog (although you could just do vitamins.)  However, if she’s not looking thin and is still putting on weight, I wouldn’t worry too much.  Pits are garbage disposals by nature and will usually try to sucker you out of “just a little more.”  My dogs have dry food down all the time and I don’t have any problems, but if you’re feeding specific amounts at specific times, your pup may just be trying to sucker you out of an extra treet.  I put my older dog on a special diet to help with arthritis and save her teeth.  She gets half a cup of rice mixed with half a cup of tuna fish and half a cup of dry dog food a night. Because the tuna is high in protien, with just that, she barely picks at the dry dog food through the day.  My pit is younger and eats more, but between the both of them, they don’t eat an entire bowl in one day, and Digz is 55 lbs, Kaos is almost 70.  If your girl is going through too much food, try either finding a dog food with less fillers, or mixing a form of lean protien like chicken or tuna in with her diet.  If she’s healthy, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.  You may try leaving food out for her and see if she regulates her own diet of if she’ll just scarf it all.  I know a lot of people don’t like the idea of constantly available food, but my dogs eat when they’re hungry and aren’t food agressive AT ALL.  Neither one of mine has weight issues and I know they’re getting enough food for their activity levels.