Intoduced a young pup to her

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Intoduced a young pup to her elder half sister when the elder was 18 months the pup 8 weeks. a marriage made in heaven i wrongly assumed.they played for hours together in our gardenthen when the ‘pup’ reached 1year old the play fighting became more intense.until it reached a peak when my poor wife had 2 spend an hour seperating them as u could imagine blood ,vet bills and high trauma.Both dogs from then on had 2 be kept in there locked crates(crates being ther beds in our home but that is another question i must try 2 answer re cage training)this became a ritual of our life 1 in other out( i have a huge garden) ofc our young kids didnt realise this so the two met face to face 6 months later carnage .Luckily both survived and my vet bill soared’my daughter has now left home with the elder so we no longer have the stress of ‘1 in 1 out’. The reason for this ramble is that with the type of dogs we own and love keeping 2 of the same sex together is akin 2 playing russian roulette.