I’m with you Rebecca and


I’m with you Rebecca and Raleigh. I feel so gulity leaving mine crated all day. But I get up in the mornings and if they get up with me then I let them out to play but most mornings I have to wake them up cause they are just lazy bums lol. I let them outside to play and potty while I get ready. Then when they come in they know they get a treat and their bones in their beds so they go right in them no problems. I go home for my lunch hour and they go out and I play with them unless they would rather play with each other. I eat lunch and let them run around. Then they go back to bed with kongs filled with peanut butter stuff and I get home at around 5:15 and they go out and come in and eat and they are happy as can be. They are finally use to this routine and do just fine. I think it’s harder on me to leave them then it is for them to be crated lol.