I’m very sorry you and your


I’m very sorry you and your family are going through this! if this had been any other breed i doubt this would be an issue. I unfortunately dont have any advise i wish i did. My thoughts are with you and i hope that this turns around for the better. This feels a lot like racial predjudice, it would be unacceptable if the prosecutor said put the black man away for doing somethinng a white man did that got off scott free, yet it is okay for them to do it to pits. also if the pit really wanted to do damage it would have seriously hurt the jw but didnt. this is such a shame i truely hate it for you!!! are there similar cases of other breeds inflicting the same injuries but not getting put down?    maybe that is an angle to try, show the court the predjudice. courts are supposed to be equal across the board if you can show oother cases of similar instances  with other breeds not being put down maybe you can show the court is not being equal