I’m trying to get my Pit


I’m trying to get my Pit puppy to stop pulling when on walks. When I got him the small nylon collar that he had been on for far too long for obvious reasons, it was entirely to tight for his neck size and was practically choking him even when he wasn’t pulling. I immediately cut it off (the only way I could get it off) and bought him a harness. I didn’t want to go straight back to a regular flat collar and I was afraid the choke collar would hurt him since he is a puller and full of puppy energy and Pit strength. I will watch for signs of irritation from the harness and possibly switch to a prong collar if I am unable to fix the pulling with the harness and consistent training. I have also used the water bottle spray to stop him from destructive behaviours such as chewing on furniture and such. This is working wonderfully. A quick squirt snaps him back to reality! He is only 3 months now and already very stong. I won’t let my 10 year old walk him until he is fully cured of pulling.