I’m quite nervous about


I’m quite nervous about taking my little guy to a local park even though it was suggested but from reading the experiences here it seems like my decision has been made for me. I don’t think I’ll be taking him to the dog park, it doesn’t allow leashes and I’d be quite fearful for something to happen. He’s been so well behaved when meeting other dogs and when I tell him to sit as a new dog approaches on the street while walking he will remain still as the other dogs investigate and will not move until I give him the go ahead. He even treats the neighbors dog like a dream and it’s not much larger than a squirrel.

I want to socialize him but I would not want to take a chance with so many strange dogs running around as I have no idea what their temperament may be toward other dogs, specifically mine. I have grown up in an area where all the dogs knew one another and you could let them out in the yard and they’d play with each other and you knew the owners and the dogs well.

Now I own a home in the city so things are a little different. Add to that this is my first dog after having moved out of my parents’ home for school. I’m fairly experienced but I’m pretty worried about other people and the way I have seen so many dogs raised. I really want to socialize my dog properly but I’m not about to jeopardize the community with a poorly though out choice.