I’m new to this site an not a

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I’m new to this site an not a trainer nor an expert quite the opposite I cAme here to learn to train my pits and to get tips I’ve done alot of reading and research of these dogs and The dog park deal that was actually one of the first things I read not to do with a pit waste take a pit to a dog park no mAtter how well trained blah blah but I give you guys props for having such well behaved pit that can go there and have a good experience there that’s awesome I wont ever take mine there for they need more training and as I probably need it more the. They do lol but I socialized mine at a young age but now they stay at home and just play with each other supervised of course but I take em for car rides and walks and things and I keep em away from strange dogs just so I don’t have to worry about any issues thats my personal choice and I might get chastised for it and that’s okay I’m a novice and Ionia it but I wanna learn more before go wondering into the dark as so do my dogs