I’m glad I found this site!


I’m glad I found this site!  A couple of months ago I adopted a 2 month old pit/lab for my son (34 years old, learning disabled).  She’s so cute!  She has a pink nose and hazel eyes.  She’s reddish blond. Most of what I’ve read here applies to her. She chews everything, she’s smart, and has lots of energy. My son named her Shadow because she follows him everywhere.  We have 3 cats and 2 other dogs (a Yorkie and a Maltese).  Shadow gets along great with all of them, except for my Yorkie (Maddy).  Maddy thinks she’s the top dog, but Shadow won’t go along with that.  I got scared one time when I gave treats to all the dogs and Shadow attacked Maddy!  The hair on the back of her head went up, she growled viciously, and she pinned Maddy to the ground on her back by the neck!  I grabbed Shadow by the nape of the neck and yelled NO! at her.  I’m afraid that one day she might kill Maddy!  The Maltese can eat out of Shadow’s food dish without incident.  I don’t understand.  Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!  I love Shadow and we always treat her lovingly.  Thank you.  😎