Ignorant people will continue

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Ignorant people will continue to have their opinions, and there’s not much we can do about it, unfortunately. 🙁 I just experienced the other day while walking not necessarily the typical “pit bull will bite my face off” ignorant person…but this particular lady is aware that we’re training our dog to not be overly excited when people/pets walk by. We always have our dog sit/wait while people/pets walk by. However, she sees him, kind of smiles (just a tish), and then says “Oh, I know you’re training him,” and walks on the other side of the street. Which, I wish people would know, doesn’t help the dog at all–grrr.

I think people who automatically assume pitbulls are bad and aggressive and will “kill” at will…they must have something going on in their lives which makes them target whatever is around them–be it people, pets, etc. And it’s sad, truly sad. I just want to know that I’m doing what I can to be a responsible dog owner, and that my dog grows up happy and healthy. And if people hate him because he’s a pit bull, that’s their loss, because they could have had the chance to become really great friends with an awesome pet!!