If you are talking about

Sarah M. Rowley

If you are talking about getting her licensed, I can help- If you want registered, as in UKC, sorry but I can not help you there. Regardless, I hope this helps!


First of all, you must have her rabies shot done (which was about $20). When you get this done, your veterinarian will give you a piece of paper for you to fill out with your Pitties information, and your own. When you’re done with that, you just take it to the animal shelter in your county and they will license your dog. We recently did this with our 1 year old Pitty Zeus, and it was $22 for a 1 year license. I think it is only $3 for a year if she is fixed. You can license your dog for one year or 3 years at a time. (Please note that this is in Michigan, so the price may vary)