I yelled at her the first


I yelled at her the first time it happened (and all other times) but I also kept making excuses for her :-/

I have also started yelling at her when she barks/growls at people walking by. (well…I tell her no, and say “be nice”) and she stops when I say it.

She has never been aggressive to anyone that has been over, it’s only when she is outside, and people come up to her. I try not to worry, because I don’t want her picking up on my fear…but I also feel nervous about people petting her because I don’t want to risk her doing something bad. However…I also feel like she does need to have people approach her and pet her more, because if I try to keep her from “strangers” it might make it worse. I really just don;t know what the “right” thing to do in a situation like this.