I would just like to say that


I would just like to say that I think that this thread is ludicrous.  For those of us who attempted to educate the poor sod who made the initial post, we were fighting a rigged battle.  The voice of “Reason” is that of somebody who is willing to ignore good sense and simply wanted to argue.  Nothing we said would have had any effect.  I would, however, like to say thank you to all the people who jumped to the defense of our breed.  For all the discussions and disagreements that are haggled out on this web site, the protection of our breed is something we all agree on.  As for you, Reason, if you have even been back to this web site to see the arguments that have been presented, shame on you.  I truly pitty you becuase you are obviously so close minded that you are willing to miss out on the best things in life.  Also, thank you, because you reminded me of what we are up against in this battle to protect what we love so much.