I would have to agree with

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I would have to agree with bullypaws post. I do feed my one pit Iams proactive Lamb and Rice. It seems to do well for him. He has allergies and my other pit was eating that as well and she has a poor immune system anyways and it finally had enough and she was having severe allergic reations and swelling of her face. The vet recommened precription or I could try food that have absoulutely no chicken, beef, lamb, rice, or grains of that nature. So she is on Natural Balance venison and sweet potatos and she LOVES it. I don’t care much for the price tag of $50 for 28lbs but she is doing great on it and no more reactions. I don’t think I could afford to feed them both that food right now but my male has a serious gas and intestinal issue before I put him on Iams Lamb and Rice so I’m going to leave that alone. I don’t need anymore drama. I looked at Taste of the Wild though and their Venison still has chicken meal in it. Cheaters!