I would also say that this

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I would also say that this sounds like a respect issue.  The dominance training should help, we did the same thing when we taught our dog to roll over.  Dogs being on their sides or back is a very submisive position. You may have to be firm at first and your puppy may struggle. If he’s still small enough, you can cradle him in your arms like a baby. This is what we did with our pit.  It helps a lot.  You can also do “time outs.”  Teach your dog a command that sends her to her kennel, crate, carpet or mat.  Then, when she gets out of line, send to her time out spot.  Dominant wolves in the wild do the same thing.  If a pack member is not behaving the alpha male will send that pack member away from the rest of the pack for a short period of time.  At first, you’ll have to send her lots, but she’ll eventually understand that this over the top behavior is unacceptable.  Also, I agree with involving your children in all aspects, however, with kids it can be hit or miss, especially with young childred, plus, you want your pit to behave with all kids, not just yours.  It’s important that you establish yourself as pack leader and teach your puppy that the rambunctious behavior around your children and the jealous behavior towards your other pets is totally out of line.