I wish we had gotten two! 


I wish we had gotten two!  Kaos suffers from separation anxiety bad.  He is VERY attached to us and I think a play mate would have given him somebody to bond with that doesn’t have to work during the day.  Now I’m just so glad to be nearing the end of the puppy stage it will probably be a little while before we get another one, though hopefully not too too long as we would take 101 more Pits.  My advice would be to make sure you socialize them well, otherwise there is the possibility of them developing a “pack mentality” and not being as open to strange dogs.  Then again, that goes for any dog.  However, I couldn’t immaging that it would pose any type of set back or issue, provided that you are willing to put in the work for both of them.  Buy LOTS of chew toys!! 🙂