I will say once again warning

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I will say once again warning someone to do research about a breed of dog is not bad press as you would have it….Now me not deserving to own this breed…I have owned these dogs all my life and I think I have a good grasp on the breed Sport :). I never said I was better nor did I set out and attack anyone as several PEOPLE on here have of me. Now Mastiffs in Romean times were bred to be dogs of war and were used in the colussium, but the were refured to as Mossular dogs(italian strain Cane corsa deceneded from these dogs). True Mastiffs I think you are referencing old english and not neopalitain or filas were bred to stop and HOLD poachers not fighting as you describe they were the night watchmans dog. Their is this wonderful thing called freedom of speech it exist in this place called America their was a big war fought over it. Oh and I never said I was better then anyone I just do my research. I love the personal attacks and that you think I am ignorant 🙂 I was wondering if you are going to be stalking my post as well. 🙂