I will go ahead and say that


I will go ahead and say that I am a new owner of a 6 month old pit (rescue) and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I read about them extensively and tried my best to filter through the absolute garbage that seems to be the accepted norm about APBTs. From what I gather, all the statistics are so biased it’s not even remotely scientifically reliable. For one there are far too many variables in play such as how they were raised and what the quality of the owners, not just the current owner, has been for a particular animal. When you consider how many are in fact from bad backgrounds, and how many are from hell-like homes of “thugs and gangsters” as it seems most owners of the breed are (sarcasm there) you cannot rely on ratios of dog ownership percentages in relation to attacks. I’m not trying to defend something that isn’t true, I’m saying scientifically these statistics are a complete sham. Think of dog psychology, the alpha runs things, as an owner, you are responsible for being the dog understanding you are the alpha. This is the case with any and all breeds of dogs. The unfortunate truth is this, little dogs are viewed as cute and adorable when they jump on furniture without asking or climb into your lap without invitation, or bark at newcomers relentlessly. Should they bite, the fact that it doesn’t hurt makes it acceptable and laugh worthy. Let’s let the same scenarios go through using a pitbull or any number of large dogs or “aggressive” breeds. one bite, and they are off to the big yard in the sky. This is utter bullcrap. the pathetic thing is no one seems to understand this and they end up treating dogs as humans and applying human characteristics to dogs. Do you walk your toddler on a leash and have it go outside to relieve itself? Unless you are a terrible parent, you do not, so why would you treat a dog like a child, it just isn’t the way their brains have been designed to work. You need to understand the instinctual inner workings of the canine brain before you can start rumor mongering about agression in dogs and start educating yourself on important training techniques.

I apologize if that was rather ranty, but I’ve seen too much misinformation, distorted facts, and facetious statistics out there recently in my gathering of quality information to not pass by this thread without getting a little peeved at the garbage the poster brought to light. By that I mean the poster is a smart person and the article is garbage, just so there is no confusion.