I was simply curious about


I was simply curious about the DNA testing, whereas I already feel I have recieved some very helpful advice. I adore Butch, and he’s a very loved and enjoyed member of my family. As for needing a DNA test for training methods, I do not need a DNA for such reasons. I am placing my dog in training classes because that is important for ANY dog. That has nothing to do with his breed. I have been raised around the ‘dog world.’ IE, I am by no means an inexperienced dog owner. My family and I have owned, raised, and breed German Shepherds my entire life. This happens to be another breed of dog that people also tend to commonly fear.

Also, I am not inexperienced when it comes to the proper training of animals. My grandmother taught obedience classes my entire life, which I was able to participate in. I’ve also trained all of my dogs, many of which were Therapy dogs.Thus me stressing that training classes are good for any breed of dog. It’s important to remember that mannerisms are imperative for any breed, as well as the proper socialization. However, as a responsible Pit Bull owner, I prefer to represent the breed in a positive way. I understand the responsiblity in representing the breed properly. Pit Bulls have a nasty reputation, and it isn’t fair. It isn’t the dog’s fault, it’s the irresponsible owners who either mistreat and abuse their animals or are unaware of the specifics of the breed. It is up to us, the responsible owners to show the beauty and love in the breed.

Yes, any ‘Pit Bull type’ dog has a much higher prey drive. However, there are also a number of other breeds that do as well. This is not just limited to Pit Bulls. So that is silly to only point out certain breeds, any dog reguardless of its breed has the possiblity to become dog aggressive, and on sad occasions present people aggression. As you stated each breed has specific bred in traits. Any responsible owner is well aware of the negative and positive traits that their animals possess.