I was at my friends beach

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I was at my friends beach house with him and his lady friend and her 10 week old mix breed puppy, who is about the size of chihuahua right now, TINY! My dog and that puppy have been the best of friends since they first met, when the puppy was just 8 weeks old and even SMALLER than she is now. My dog love her so much and they play so cute together, the puppy climbs all over her, bites her face, chews on her ears, they play tug o’ war and the puppy goes right up to my dogs mouth and grabs a hold of the toy and starts to pull. It’s too cute, I have tons of videos of them playing! Anyway- to the point- Cheryl (the woman who owns the puppy) had one of her friends come over. She wasn’t scared of my dog or anything so I thought, oh that’s cool she didn’t even question my dog. Then later my dog and the puppy started to play, so my dog starts barking and making her weird funny noises at the puppy, and the pup starts barking back and they start playing the puppy jumping at my dogs face and all that, and Cheryl got down on her knees and was getting them all fired up telling her pup to “get her Muna” and things like that and her friend starts getting nervous and says “You’re making me nervous!” and then says to me, “I’m sorry Meagan I don’t mean to distrust your dog but it’s in their blood” EXCUSE ME?! I couldn’t believe it, I just couldn’t even respond to her because it would have turned into something ugly. After that she walked away and Cheryl said “I’m not scared of her” My dog came over and she grabbed her face “I’m not scared of you!” Then my dog licked her face.

It REALLY irritates me. Even my sister’s boyfriends’ mom had some obnoxiously dumb things to say about the breed after my sister had been talking about how great my dog was, and his mother insisted that one day she would snap! NOW she wants my sister to bring her over to meet her, ha. I don’t even think I want my dog going there after the stuff she said.

I also hate when pit owners also say ignorant and untrue things about the breed, they only add to their bad rep, which is causing states all over the U.S. to ban them. I hate to see so much BSL, it makes me sad because the APBT is one of the most amazing, smart, beautiful breeds out there.