I use the chain choker


I use the chain choker collar. Lady always pulls really hard at the begining of her walk because she is so excited, but I have severe tendenitis in my wrist. So what I do when shes really tryin to drag me to the path is stop walking and say very seriously “lady Stop” and I dont move at all until she losens up and walks to me with that silly “whats goin on?” look. Thats how I started, she is much better now but shes stubborn. Now when I have to stop walking and say “Lady Stop” she automatically stops and waits for me to walk. They are stubborn as hell but smart enough to know the sooner she stops the sooner I will allow her to continue her walk. The first few walks we went on I had to do this like every ten steps, but she got it. Also I didnt get her until after she was a year old, she had never been on a leash and never even been in a house. So if she can pick it up that easy I’m sure its at least worth a try. Good luck.