I too just took in a pitty,

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I too just took in a pitty, he is older though. I have a youg female lab mix. they play together like that. Very hard play, lots of teeth. Lets face it, it is play and your little dog don’t have a prayer due to size. I keep a close eye on my dogs (have 3 now) when they play. one moment they play the next the might fight. my advise would be, let them play, when you see they are getting carried away seperate them right away. I could not tell you if you have a “bad” pitty, I don’t know enough about them, but I have expereince and common sence enough to know when it is getting to the point were one will get hurt, and you know its not going to the pitty.Did you take him to obidience training? Might be a good idea. good luck