I think you should take him

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I think you should take him to obedience. The place I went to granted I’m in Ohio on the other side of the country but there was no fail really. Keep in mind that if you go into a situation with the attitude of failing you will fail. I have learned with my two pits that when meeting other dogs or being in a crowd and things don’t let yourself get worked up and over alert to where you are jumpy. It makes the dogs nervous and fearful. Don’t go into the situation feeling that something bad is going to happen. Yes be aware that it could happen but not because you have a pit bull but because the other dog or dogs could be aggressive. My male Ace is afraid of my parents chiuaua Oreo. She is extremely bitchy when it comes to other dogs. If a dog looks at her wrong its teeth bearing and growling. She jumped off the couch one day at Ace because he walked up to sniff her and he jumped from the patio room up two steps to the living room. It was so funny cause the look on his face was like man I didn’t do anything whats your problem. So I would get him into obedience and be patient it will come.