I think if you look around at

raisins mom

I think if you look around at the pictures of peoples dogs on this site, read their bio’s, as well the question and answer forums you will see the majority of the people on here are like me.  The majority of us preach and push the idea of being a responsible owner who socialize their dogs, know the history of the breed, and understand what we need to do so our dogs are not seen as vicious  monsters.

You discuss people who choose pitbulls must have low IQ’s because if they weighed out the risks they would not own a pitbull.  I will tell you why I choose Raisin. My beloved dog and best friend could not get up and greet me as he had for the past 10 years.  Long story short, he cancer and I had to make the decision to let him go.  A month to the date of his passing I went to the shelter. No matter how much one trys to dress up the shelter it is still a sad place.  The majority of the dogs in there were pitbulls, rottweilers and german shepherds that week.  How sad it was to look at them knowing the majority were not going to leave this place alive.  That is when my boyfriend who was not a fan of pitbulls pointed out Raisin to me.  He was small and wrinkly and hiding in a blanket and wouldn’t come near the glass window.   When I finally got near him he curled up into me and looked at me like “please dont’ leave me here”.  I will have Raisin a year in May.  He had pneumonia when I adopted him.  He was under weight and small in his size which possible was from being locked in a crate. The shelter work paperwork said he was abandon on the street.  A human lacking compassion just dumped a him on the street and walked away.  His “issues” were brought on by someone that all of us on this site fight to not be associated with as a “typical pitbull owner”. ( BTW my boyfriend who did not want me to bring home a pitbull loves Raisin. As for his IQ he is one of the most methodical  and intelligent people I know.)

You brought up the media.  Oh I can go on about the media for days.  I love to read the stories. You ask why? Because they are so emotional. They put pictures in of vicious dogs or the horrific picture of a dog bite injury. Now ask me what they fail to put in their articles? The factual information that you came on this site skeptical we as pitbull owners would provide to you.  They do not print if the dog is a house dog or just a yard ornament.  They do not put if the dog is neutered.  They do not put if there are a male and female together and the possibly it was breeding season.  So many facts are left out and the voids are filled with heart string tugging material. 

You ask why I have a dog that may require a tool known as a break stick.  I have it for those people who are not as responsible as I. So that if I am ever in a postion where I have to break up a fight I have the neccessary tools do to it and safely.  I also carry my cellular phone and pepper spray at night when I walk for my personal safety.  I have nevere been robbed or assualted but but I still carry tools to protect myself and call for help.  

Lastly you asked if I take my dog to the dog park and my answer is no.  I am not a fan of the dog parks ( a response many people on here will disagree with) . Some of the parks do not seperate large dogs and small dogs and I feel this is a safety issue.  Sometimes big dogs play to rough which can lead to smaller dogs getting injured.  There is also the idea of prey drive which can lead to devestating results.  Additionaly people bring toys to the park which can cause toy aggression which can lead to dog fights.  I also don’t like the idea of throwing tons of dogs into one enclosed area that do not know eachother. If humans can have squabbles and fights, how can we expect dogs not too?

I think I answered all your questions. Dont think I am not answering or avoiding you should I not reply quickly to any response but I have already put in 10 hours at work today, did grocerey shopping, fee my dogs.  I still need to fix my lunch for my work day tomarrow and most importantly play fetch with my shepherd  and practicing teaching Raisin how to play Paddy Cake. 

Feel free to ask me any question or concerns that you have regarding pitbulls.  Oneday I hope you have the chance to meet a well behaved pitbull and see how they wiggle their hind enda, what we refer to as the pibble wiggle.  Or you get the joy of seeing one smile at you.  The best part is when people yell at my dog to get off their street he still smiles back at them. Im glad he doesn’t know how many people fear or hate him because I would never want that unconditional love he gives to kill his spirit.