I think having a pit as a


I think having a pit as a service dog is a good idea. However I live in Ohio and if some of the people around here seen blind man with a pit walking down the street they would cross the street or heck even report him. Because even though that dog is doing a good deed and is a good dog it would still legally have to be muzzled and on a steel leash no longer than 6ft. That in itsself is so sad. I know I break the law when I walk my dogs but I’m not going to make them look like idots and bullies just because some idoit said that they are ALL mean vicious dogs. Mine aren’t and I know that. I took them to the Dog Warden’s in my county to get their licenses and fill out paper work for the dog park and everyone there fell in love with them even the deputies. The man in charge told me that if no other dogs are in the park then they can be muzzle free. So I ONLY take them when no one else is there. They still love it because I don’t have a very big yard for them to run. So I praise you for what you are doing I just hope that one day everyone will accept pits like other breeds and you see just as many service pits as you do labs and other breeds.