I think amber gave some


I think amber gave some awesome advice and shes right firm training rewards and spoiling later. Other than that socialize with EVERYTHING when elvis was a baby (and even now) we brought him everywhere we went to a farm thats open for the pumpkin patch and brought elvis to see the horses, ducks, goats etc…, we still take him almost everywhere with us. Also when we got elvis i dont think he had ever been leash walked and he was so scared of everything he would freeze wouldnt move outside he didnt want to budge and we were trying everything then a trainer told us think like a dog! do you thing its mother would do those things no it would have to come
so pull him becarefull of his pads on his feet but drag him if need be omg it worked now hes an amamzing leash walker, also when he wanted to walk (finally) anytime he got distracted or tried to move ahead of us just a tiny tug like hey you walk beside me. I also did this with the stroller he wasnt allowed to walk in front of it.
Also another great tip we got was when it comes to food when you feed make them sit and stay get the food place it in front of them but dont let them eat till you say so there are times one of our dog watches the other eat 1st if they wanted to try to jump the gun etc. Also my now 2 year old son has been doing this since he could talk he tells them sit stay stay stay stay its actually really cute but they also know hes another master of the food and thier for someone they should respect.
Also take the food away mid eating BUT return it within moments with something tasty in the bowl a piece of chicken or treat etc… let them know you may come near the bowl even pick it up but you are in no way trying to steal it this was an avoiding food aggresion tip we were given. also you can place your hand in the bowl and put some food in your hand and let them eat from your hand while its in the bowl. I dont know the history of your mama dog these things maybe more dificult to try with her and you might want to seek someone with more experience rehabing dogs with bad past, but i thought since you also were gonna have a puppy i would add things that we found worked for us.

elvis as a puppy its from a cell so kinda blurry