I think a lot of things


I think a lot of things depend on the park you go to.

I recently took my pit to the local dog park for a dog event that was going on there. The area is kind of ritzy so it’s full of pure bred dogs. It was nice because there were big dogs (a saint bernard and a great dane) medium sized (labs and boxers) and also little dogs (boston terriers and spaniels). Sasha loves all sizes of dogs and just enjoyed running around with them all.

The only issue we had was this cute little boston terrier that insisted on hanging from my dog’s face by her teeth. lol. Poor Sasha couldn’t figure out how to play with it! She’d run away to play with other dogs and the terrier would follow her and jump up and bite at her face. Eventually she started pawing at the dog and then started dropping her weight onto it and rolling on it. The owners kept apologizing over and over. They would leash their dog for a bit and as soon as they let it off leash it went back to my dog. I don’t know what it’s deal was but Sasha was very patient with it and only wanted to figure out a way to play with it. If anything, I was afraid she might crush it by accident with her big muscle chest.

No one the whole day said anything about my dog being a pit bull and everyone there was watching their dog and roaming within the park to keep an eye on things. Several people commented that my dog had beautiful markings and was so friendly, but nothing was said of her breed. The dog park can be a positive experience for dog and owner 🙂