I think a better way to


I think a better way to explain this is: it isn’t that dog parks aren’t for pit bulls: dog parks are not safe for ANY breed of dog, period.

The sad truth is that there are irresponsible dog owners for *every single breed of dog* and because of this, your dog, whether or not it’s a pit bull, is NOT safe at a dog park.

There are numerous stories of dogs getting into violent fights at dog parks because people do not have control over their animals. And this occurs with every breed of dog, period.

I own a non-aggressive (but extremely passive and submissive) Aussie Shepherd and I wouldn’t bring her to a dog park (I did once and I was extremely nervous) because it’s not her I worry about: it’s other dogs and their ignorant owners. Regardless of breed, dog parks are extremely unsafe.

A better way to exercise or socialize your dog is to find people to meet up with and have one on one doggy “play dates”. If you’re extremely concerned about their “activity level” or “exercise” they’re receiving, your dog should be given regular walks anyway. There are also numerous activities, such as weight pulling, agility, and other things that you can enroll your dog in to not only get physical exercise, but mental exercise as well.

I think the best thing in this situation wasn’t to bluntly say “pit bulls don’t belong” but “dog parks are dangerous for every dog, period”. Sometimes wording things different helps to defuse an argument or fight 🙂

Also, I’m pretty sure DA stands for “dog aggression”.