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I saw something on a website I visit frequently for pit info,stories,and whatnot,and I also saw a list of people who owned or own pitbulls,the 2 that made me smile the most were:Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt.When I saw that 2 former presidents owned pits,I thought it was awesome, not to mention some awesomw PR for the breed.I rescued Lillie at 3 months old after she was dumped, and I tried to and still do keep up on pit events and news.Of course I know how wonderful, and funny,and smart these dogs are,but I also know the reputation they have, so since I am a groomer,I have always tried to educate ppl about pits through mine(she grew up at the grooming shop behind the front desk,so most customers aren’t afraid of her).When I took her to meet my husband’s kids for the first time,there were 8 kids at the house,and she picked his kids out over all the other kids,I have seen firsthand how great they are w/kids.From laying on the floor w/ “her boy” as his pillow,to him teaching her to balance a ball on her nose until he says go,and then teaching her to dive to the bottom of the pool to fetch plastic rings with weights on them,these are truly amazing dogs,they’re so couragous,so loyal,and soooo loving to their families.I absolutely love this breed.Here is a site I like the most,for really nice content,especially the poems and pics. http://WWW.PITBULLSONTHEWEB.COM     is the site,and at the bottom of the page the “inspirations” tab is where the poems are,and the tab in the middle of the page that says “petpitbulls” has the cutest,funniest pics I have ever seen!