I own a carpet cleaning


I own a carpet cleaning company. You can use a 50-50 white vinegar and water mixture to cover the scent so the dog doesn’t want to go there again, but I still recommend having it cleaned soon after because it can turn into brown spots if left in the carpet. You might want to test spot carpet first where it’s not important. You need to have it steam-cleaned and have a good quality pet deodorizer sprayed down. Also, heavy scotchgaurd is highly recommended because it helps keep the wet urine from soaking in right away so you can clean it up quickly before it is absorbed. I would purchase a bottle of spot cleaner from the carpet cleaner. Don’t buy the ones in grocery and department stores.. most are bad for your carpets. If the dog has already been going regularly in a specific area, which sounds like the case, you have a bigger problem. Even if you put vinegar on it, even if you have it professionally cleaned, it will probably not take care of it permanently. Once the carpet has been too soiled it soaks into the pad and sub-floor underneath. Even when you clean it off the surface carpet, when you walk on the spots you will soak back up the urine that’s in the pad underneath. This is called wicking. You will probably have to have the carpets cleaned, carpet pulled up, replace the soiled pads and KILLZ prime the subfloors. A big pain, but the only real way to get rid of it and keep the pets from wanting to return to the spot. Call a local carpet retailer for recommendations of a trustworthy carpet cleaning company. Good luck!