I need some help i have a 8

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I need some help i have a 8 wks pitbull girl this is the first time i have ever owned a pitbull- i have always been afraid of them because of all the stories that ive been told about how aggressive these dogs are. My puppy is such a menace which is totally normal shes just a baby but she has the bad habit of biting, if i pet her or hold her she grabs my hand and wont let go (which is very painful!!!) i play with her and she runs w full force towards me and bites my hands, hair, or my leg. Im trying to train her but its been difficult she just love to bite my hands… and im afaid that this will make her aggressive when shes older & attack me or my family. is this something that she will get over or should i be concerned????…i really love my little puppy but i dont want her 2 be aggressive like this. if anyone could please give me some advise i would greatly appreciate it!!!!