I must admit, when I read


I must admit, when I read your post the emotional part of me took hold.  I then read all the replies and the emotion became logic.  You’re right in some aspects, there are people who own pit bulls for the ‘danger’ aspect and some because it’s ‘cool’ and others because (like most of the people I know from other sites I frequent) they love and RESPECT the individual dog they own. 

I personally do not know any lawyers, but I do know doctors that own pits.  My own doctor actually has 3 of them.  3 girls, all spayed and well taken care of/loved.  My mother in law is a Registered Nurse (Going to school to be a Nurse Practitioner) and she has owned Pit bulls for at least the last 30 years.  Each one of her children (My husband and his sister) were raised with a pit bull in the house.  Sometimes more than one.  I also don’t personally know any scientists. As far as my profession?  I am a Customer Service Agent for AT&T.

As far as how much someone makes a year, that I don’t know either because it’s none of my business to ask someone how much they make and I really don’t care.  So I may or may not know someone who makes over 100k who owns a pit bull. 

Now, I want to tell you that I am sorry for the loss of your cat.  It angers me that someone let their animal kill yours because it makes pit bull owners in general look bad and it was a preventable death.  I hope you get the justice you deserve for what happened with that.

About the ‘lock-jaw’ thing.  Like someone above me said, I can take anything out of my dogs mouth that I don’t want her to have because I am her Alpha.  She answers to me and she knows it.  I actually own 2 pit bulls.  One of them a pure APBT, the other a pit/lab mix.  Both females, only one spayed because the youngest is only 4 months old.  Once she hits 6 months, she too will be spayed.  Both of them were/are around other dogs/cats and my children.  Neither of them have ever shown any kind of aggression. 

I don’t do dog parks because there isn’t one in my town or within driving distance.  Instead, my neighbor and I (my puppy’s brother’s owner) take the pups and their mother to my mother in law’s farm and let them run and play there with her Jack  Russel.  As far as exercise in the town I live in, I follow all leash laws and other restrictions (pooper scoopers etc.) and I’ve never had a problem.  Other dogs will bark at mine, but mine pay them no mind.  They have one thing on their mind on our walks.  Walking with me and enjoying the outdoors.  They go everywhere with me. 

I reccomend that you take a look at the link posted above (if you haven’t already) and see the breed statistics.