I may not be much help


I may not be much help here~but as the old saying goes, “misery loves company” because I’m in the same boat. My 8 month old Blue Nose Pit bull thinks that when someone has the nerve to ring our doorbell she must bark loudly, run to the front door, gets aggresive (not mean~just aggresive) and holding her 70 pound frame back resulted in my pulling a ligament in my back. The only person that Sammie “the bull” will listen to & mind is my 25 yr. old Son. He commands her to get back from the door & calm down. I do the same and she becomes even more excited. Its seriously bothersome & embarrasing! I put her outside and she shows off by jumping the height of the sliding glass door, barking & letting it be known that she is there! I was once told to knee the dog when he/she jumps on anyone….but that could result in an injury as well! If you discover any tips that have helped you- please pass them onto me!!

1BullyBabe (Karen)