I like posts like this. I

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I like posts like this. I know what you mean my making you laugh. My first pit was Kira she is about 1 1/2yrs now. She has her own personality which has become some what more serious now. She cracks me up when I talk to her and she looks at you like she is going to answer you. She will give me the huff or whimper and I just laugh at her. Ace is my baby boy. He is a rescue who was raised the first year of his life in the humane society. He clung to me like glue when I got him home. He is the funniest dog ever and he literally smiles all the time. When I get home from work its play time for the night. We have “mommy time” where we go into my bedroom and play and wrestle around usually I loose with the kisses and end up soaked in slobers lol. They love it. It is their special time with me one on one. I try to do it as much as I can. I have them trained with water bottles. If they start to act up all I have to do is grab that bottle and bam the sit right down and look around like what I wasn’t doing anything. So when we are outside and they get way to rough the garden hose is used and it doesn’t ever even have to be turned on and they calm right down. That didn’t work to well for my mom and her pit cause she loves water. You can spray her in theface and she’s like yeah give me more come on. She’s like a lab with water absolutly halarious!