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I just watched the Animal Planet documentary about this (I knew about the story when it happened) and it is disgusting, and sad.  Only two dogs were put down, one was very sick and the other was human and dog aggresive.  I don’t understand why him or his accomplaces weren’t mentally evaluated.  Most stories about serial killers state that they started off killing animals.  Who knows what he will do next.  Seeing these dogs get a second chance and new homes is really touching though.  I am glad that animal activists faught for the rights of these animals because they couldn’t speak for themselves.  Ever since I was younger I’ve wanted to start a dog rescue.  That is still a dream of mine and I hope some day we can change the minds of those who have distorted images about pits and other breeds.  Though this story is a sad one I am glad for the outcome of these innocent animals that only wanted to please their masters.