I just wanted to chime in a


I just wanted to chime in a little bit, because, although I guess I fall into the “emotional” and “uneducated” category as a dog groomer, I do in fact have a lot of experiance with all types of dogs. I have personally been bit by only a couple of dogs, and none of them meet anyone’s description of “dangerous”, one was a yorkie, one an american eskimo, a poodle. And, I didn’t set out to get a pit, she just fell into my lap one day 2 years ago, and after, I looked for an owner for tha alloted time, I decided to keep her. I have 3 cats, 2 kids, and a slew of other dogs in my immediate family, so I threw myself into researching her breed, and decided that I would have a poster child for the breed. And in many ways, I feel she is. I take her to the park all the time, and she plays well with everyone, but I also closely supervise to keep play from turning bad. She was ans still is very well sociallized, as she grew up behind the counter at the shop where I work. I was attacked by a dog many years ago, he was a pit mix that had been taught the wrong way to behave, and I do not allow any kind of bad behavior. Since I decided to keep her, I have always asserted myself as the leader, and my dog rspects that, that said, she and all the pets we have are animals, period, so I expect her to beahve like an anmial, a dog, a terrier, and then a pet. I realize that if I don’t stop something from turing bad, there could be a chance of injuries, and I never leave my dog ANYWHWERE unsupervised. I am just trying to raise the best dog I possibly can, and giving her and my family of animals the best life possible means that everyone listens to me. As another point of interest my kids can put their hands in my dog’s mouth, food bowl, kennel, whatever and take things from her if need be, she’s been taught that all humans are to be listened to and followed. Any animal can be mean or dangerous, a lab isn’t any less dangeous than a pit, or a yorkie, any dog can be taught to be aggressive, I know this to be a fact, I see it every day. The best thing for any dog, is excercise, discipline, and affection. Thanks for letting me ramble….Pittie Love!