I just got a red nose pit/


I just got a red nose pit/ black lab mix. She is 8 weeks old and I know the owners of her parents which is great since both are great dogs and the father which is the red nose pit named Bruce he is blonde with blue green icy eyes and cute she gets his coloring and his eyes. Her brothers and sisters have differ colors of eyes some brown and some green but she is by the most prettiest ( to me) she is very playful I have 4 children and one on the way next week! And she really loves us already very good at getting her outside to potty and so forth but she has to do it alone or else she wont and she is a snuggler and likes to chew so we have to get more toys then what we have for her but I am very happy with our choice to get her I am certain she will be a very good dog when she is grown and we have also a 2 year old german shorthair pointer and a cockapoo who is also 2 they are warming up to her and we have a 1year 1/2 old cat she still is slowly figuring otu what the heck is that  but hey at least she is around animals and us humans to keep her in good behavior! We love her! She is my baby girl Bella!