i jus wanted to say how much


i jus wanted to say how much this website helps me with my pink nose that magically was perfect for me.. back in july i went camping, n to make a really long story short, theese pple camped across the street were all screaming n i heard chainsaws…. evryone jumped in their cars n took off, about an hur later i heard a dog barking, walked across the street to make sure he was ok..(i figured everyone left.. there was an older lady who explained to me that this beautiful pit named zeus who belonged to a her daughters boyfriend, who is no longer in the picture..(prolly in jail..) the next morning(early) i noticed all their tents were gone cept one that was busted up, a pile of clothes laying in the dirt n zeus wit a big rusted chain around his neck tied to a really bick cynder block. he had fleas tick scrathches, open sores, n his poops were black.. so i brought him home… thanks to banfield which i recomend, Zeus is Perfect!!!!!!!!! happiest pup ive ever seen! i live wit my brother who has a german shep/rot(biggie) about 2 months younger then zeus.. they are perfect for eachother. before i found zeus, when my brother said he was getting a dog i said we should get a pit, he got biggie n the entire time i was trying to name him Zeus.. it was the craziest thing..this dog i pictured in my head magically finds me in the middle of nowhere.