I have two male pits as well.

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I have two male pits as well. they are not from the same litter but only a couple months in between age. I never planned on breeding them but at the time when i got them i could not afford to fix them, to this day they are not fixed and they are three years old. they have gotten in fights, nothing serious. the first fight they got into when they were puppys was when i let them know it was not ok to fight. they are completly fine with each other until they want attention or theres food involved. the food thing isnt an issue anymore they get fed at least five feet away from eaceh other an i watch them till they finish. they are not allowed to.leave until theyre done. as far as jealousy and wanting attention, until you can hire the dogs whisperer, you just have to be aware of where they are an theyre mood. before my dogs evn get mad i can tell they are.starting to get tense, so i instantly separate them calmly before the situation gets out of hand. Ive honestly learned over my life time is to really learn yo read your animals, no matter what it is. They cant talk but they do let you know whats up. Hopefully I helped a little.