I have two female pitties

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I have two female pitties that are both rescues. I was worried about getting a second female dog, regardless of it being a pit or not, for the same reason. Our girl Rose was an only dog in the house for about 2 years and she had made the space hers already. Knowing from experience that, having two females or even two males in a house you are going to have dominance issues regardless of the breed. Its a natural thing that is going to occur. Heck, it even happens with people! You just need to be patient, allow them to become adjusted to living together at their own pace. But be aware of their body language at all times. Spend as much time with each dog one on one in different situations so that you can completely understand each dogs body language. Our girls did get into their scuffs but no one was really hurt and it was mainly them working out who the boss was going to be. They’re still working it out and its been 9months. So expect and be prepared for some arguments between the two. My suggestion to you, is to not feed them out of the same bowl (even water), do not leave them alone together until they are fully comfortable with each other, give treats and toys seperately until you are certain that there is no food or toy aggression. Just let them take their time. Be patient and have fun!! But also remember…you’re the ultimate boss!!! Good luck!