I have so many funny stories

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I have so many funny stories from my pits. The are real characters. They say dogs don’t understand when human talk to them but I really think my two know exactly what I’m saying. The other night my mom was sitting on the couch eating a chocolate cheese cake and Kira was sitting on the opposite couch. She had previously been sitting by my mom but my mom told her to get down cause she was eating. She was now sitting down by my feet on the couch and just glaring at my mom in hate.(like how dare you kick me off my couch this is my house)So my mom called her over and she tilted her head back with her nose in the air like ha yeah right. She then lowered her head and buried half of in the pillows and looked at her like how could you tell this face no. We just laughed and laughed. She eventually got over herself and laid with my mom. Also at night if she needs something or needs me she will just sit tight up against me and glare at me until I wake up. It is the freakiest damn thing to wake up in the middle of the night with the dog staring at you. LOL