I have seen others say that,


I have seen others say that, yeah she is my first =)… The longer I have her and the more exercise she gets the more playful she becomes. When I take her on her walks she tries to play with almost every dog she sees, (she jumps down into the “wanna play??” stance). When I take her with me to my neighbors house around the corner she tries desperately to play with their two beagles. They ignore her or growl at her. She then comes to me puts her head on my leg with this pittiful look and looks at me then them as if to say, why wont they play. She tries again and gets the same reception. I feel like she wants a playmate from that behavior. I was at my neighbors house last night and the begals were ignoring her as usual. As we sat out back in their big back yard their neighbors dog came out. She normally tries to play with the beagles at the fence and they ignore her as well. Layla got very excited and looked at me like CAN I GO PLAY?! I told her to go ahead and she ran… wait no she bounded over to the other dog. Every step was a jump. Those two ran back and forth on the fence line and when she was done she bounded over to me and jumped in my lap licking me all over. She was a very happy girl. I know 2 weeks is too early to get another dog I mean in the future. Layla is very obedient I would hope her good behavior rubs off on another dog rather than the other way around. My family had a Chow that did that. We got a new chow and we never had to train him. She taught him what the rules were. He was a puppy when we got him so I think it was kind of mother instincts, though she never had pups of her own. She was an extremely smart dog.