I have raised APBTs, I

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I have raised APBTs, I currently have an APBT that I’ve raised from a puppy and I also have an underlying education in sociology and psychology, as well as animal psychology and animal behavior. I’ve owned dogs all of my life and have done animal behavior assessment as well as dog training.

As far as extensive genetics goes with dogs, I know barely enough to get me by, but I’m still learning as I don’t readily have access that goes that far in-depth on the subject. With pits, bloodlines (and not just how the dog is raised and socialized) play a huge part in a dog’s underlying personality.

My post wasn’t to raise cane – this constant bickering’s stupid. This is an internet forum and needs to be treated as such. It’s not for name-calling and an “I know more than you” attitude.

It’s for helping people.