I have dealt with the same


I have dealt with the same thing. This man at work didn’t know I had 2 pit bulls and a comment was made about the dog in general and he said you should line them all up he had a bullet for the each pit bull. Well me and the other customer kept talking and she made the comment that she had heard pits were very loyal to their owner. Well, I then told her how much I loved mine. And how everyone gave me such a hard time b/c of me getting them. Sad part is mine are so lovable and behaved and thier dogs are the biters. Sad. Uneducated people w/o the correct info make fools out of theirselves. Can you imagine this customers surprise and his mouthful of feet when he heard I raised pit bulls and rescue one who they had kille dhis sister by pouring hot oil on her and one came in b/c they had cut its ears w/ a pair of sissors. Whos the one who needs to be lined up????